Monday, September 7, 2015

All Americans Should Take The 47 Minute Challenge

 This is an unbelieveable video account of what happened to building 7 on September 11, 2001. I believe watching this should be mandatory for all Americans.

Warning this video could be very disturbing to the way you think about 9/11. But I encourage you to take the challenge by clicking and viewing the entire video.

                                                              Video Challenge

Here is a sample of how a building is "pulled'. There are puffs of smoke, blast sounds and lights and it buckles and falls at free fall speed. Like dropping a rock from the top of a building. They also fall in their own footprint nice and neatly.
Here is another sample.

Make your own judgements about what happened to building 7 on that terrible day. Twelve years ago I made up my mind and it was not for the official story of a fire neatly bringing down this skyscraper of a building, in it's own footprint.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Those on the Titanic thought "it couldn't possibly happen". The passengers at the bottom of the ship didn't know until it was too late.

Could a collapse happen in America? ....I don't know.

I did't think so several years ago. But I do feel I should at least understand the possibilities of the situation and what it would mean to me and my family if it happened and I was not prepared. 

This is a country with 18 Trillion Dollars of debt! And counting! People around the world use the dollar because they believe it is backed by the trust and faith in the US treasury. The dollar is just paper. If there is no belief in it or faith in our ability to pay our debts with it, then we have problems coming.

Some of these videos were sent to me by like minded friends and some I found through my own research.

See what these guys are investing in, and are saying about the future of the economy and the dollar, here below.

Billionaire Investor - Jim Rodgers- Commodities Investor- upfront from humble beginnings

Billionaire Investor - Warren Buffett -Buying strategically- we will need plenty batteries

Billionaire Investor - George Soros - increased Put position on S&P

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kyosaki - RE guru- where is his money going now?

Investor - Mike Maloney - Government not helping businesses like his.

Investor -  Peter Schiff - QE4 has falsely inflated the stock market

Economist -Harry Dent - Baby boomers retiring hurts economy next 2 decades

Government - Paul Craig Roberts -Worked for Reagan Administration.

Government - James Rickards - CIA Financial Analyst claims Currency War going on

and Preacher's Prophecy - Jonathan Cahn - a prophetic bible perspective-Schmitah Year 2015

Other Financial People Added 08/15/15:

Please don't just go by what these people say and do! (Though I have followed several of the financial guys since 1990's.) Do your own research to find out if you should be preparing, not only with your investments and finances, but the basic needs to survive a period of transition especially for those who live in big cities.

If this never happens, you have reviewed your financial position, communicated a plan of emergency to your loved ones, and you are ready for any aftermath of a disater such as  tornado, power blackout etc, right?

As Pastor Jonathan Cahn says in his video of the Word that came to him from the Bible - " The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffers for it".  Proverbs 22-3

Take Care and continue to pray for our great country!